XITS Guitar Amplifiers

Hey friends….sorry so long on the updates. Still doing the (every other) weekly Tuesday gig at Mickey’s in Madison to stay close to my sweetie as she finishes up her residency. Working at the alt-weekly newspaper Isthmus. Riding my bike around the lakes. Playing with my Casio and iMovie. Life is good and fall is in the Wisconsin air now. Beerfest season!

But…the best music news I have received in a long time is that my old friend and first guitar playing band-mate Mike Koski and his wife Amy have started an Iowa City based guitar amplifier manufacturing company called XITS Sound. Mike played guitar on my first album 30-Weight and also made a guest appearance on Haymaker Heart ....our first band was called The Rage circa mid 90’s.

I have no doubt that these XITS amps sound amazing as Mike has always had a serious appreciation and commitment to quality in all his guitars, amplifiers and life choices. He was into cool hand-wired boutique and Vox amps when we played together. Here is the website link for all you real guitar players out there.

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