Black Wearin’ Fellow

Woke up I had my cigarette and I was gone
Did my coffee too with old Ledbetter blues
Turned the corner quite surprised
At what was there before my eyes
Black Wearin’ Fellow

He knows just about everything that a boy would need
For every street in every corner of every town in the world

He walked right up to me said what’s your hurry kid
Find some place to go North Ontario, maybe Mexico
It doesn’t really matter all that much but remember this
When you can you play for free

He just went away guess that’s all he had to say
And I had things to do and I had bills to pay
Then I called in sick to work told my boss he was a jerk
Black Wearin’ Fellow ...
He had dignity, spontaneity,
No not MTV, that’s the last place you’ll ever see him now!

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