Can’t Go There

She’s Daddy’s little princess, she ain’t got no fear at all
Ain’t no trouble she can’t handle with a credit card call
But she don’t even know it, ‘cause she ain’t from the dirt
Most folks only notice that little yellow skirt
Well I’ll see her when she’s dancing, she’ll come gliding across the room
Sidles up beside me, smelling of perfume
She says she lost her ride and could I take her somewhere
Invites me inside, but I can’t go there

It ain’t no good at home, so go on out and get it
You’re out most every night now, come on just admit it
She’s sittin’ there like fruit that’s been ripened on the vine
And she’s watchin’ you get weaker almost every single time
Thinking you might have something she could really need
Something more than sensual that she ain’t ever seen
So when she comes a callin’, you best get right down those stairs
Come on off of that high horse, don’t tell me you can’t go there

What about those promises I made when I was young
I don’t aspire to do the things that my Daddy might have done
And is that the attraction, do I remind you of your pa?
And you just gotta see those things your momma might of saw
I’ll see you when you shimmy, when you come sliding across the room
And throw your arms around me a little bit too soon
Thinking that tonight I might take you off somewhere
Invite me deep inside but I can’t go there

Hell’s not just for sinners, no it’s right here for those saints
Who can walk around avoiding all those lives that they could taint
And don’t think I’m not humbled that you’d want a man like me
But I’m still working on the sins of a youth that follows me
I’ll see you on the dance floor when that look comes to your eye
You’re the type of appetite I could never satisfy
So you can keep on calling, though it won’t go anywhere
I know that you’ll beckon me, but I can’t go there

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