Hard Eyes

Well here we go again, same old shit it happens every year
You could come stay with me, hell bring the kids, all you gotta do is lose that beer.
You just think I’m mean, you’d rather drink gasoline Than leave this bar with me tonight. You’re too young for those hard eyes

If you’re gonna drive away, the least you could do is buckle up them kids
Hell even Superman crashed and burned and how would you live with that?
You just think I’m wrong and you think you’re too strong to ever come down to this You’re too young for those hard eyes

You can’t blame momma boy she always let us run
You can’t blame poppa he was dead before we were grown
You can’t blame me ‘cause I’m your only living kin
I’m the only one fool enough to keep on dragging your drunk ass in

And here comes Christmas time, what kind of show you gonna put on for Jesus this year?
Your kids are getting older now, late at night they start to hide your beer
They know you’ll be gone, that the pull on you is too strong When you’re out in the neon light You just come undone, Lord and you just gotta run down them demons every night
You’re too young for those hard eyes
You’re too young for those hard eyes…

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