Junior’s Motel

So we’re heading West down Interstate 80
And we see an aqua blue motel
With a neon sign hanging down
And a man comes out and says
My name’s Junior and you look like
You might be a little bit lost
You might need to get back on that road
And ride…

He said son I see you’re packing a guitar
And you’re holding on to it like
Your life depends on it
Have you learned all the chords?
Do you know where to put your fingers every time?
I said it’s been a long time since I felt something new
He said get back on that road
And ride…

So we got back on the highway
And headed West
But I kept thinking about Junior’s Motel
And the words he had given me
And his voice kept running through my head
With a natural reverberation
He just said ride…

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