Tiny Angel

You won’t tell me when we’re going, you won’t tell me when we’re
And you never stop to take a breath, Lord knows it’s only air
You go down sweet Virginia into that darkness that I know
That’s why we’re always together when they shoo us out the door
Of some bar where we’ll find shelter from those stars there as they
With the sidewalk rolling round and round as we walk up to the brink
Of that trouble you know it’s coming ‘cause this town knows that’s in
And if I had an ounce of sense I suppose I’d walk right out the door
But I watch her as she stumbles through the headlights and the glass
And I see a tiny angel that used to pray with me at Mass
Didn’t know then that she’d be running from the hard light of the sun
That she’d never find the comfort of those mornings when we were young
So go on down now sweet Virginia with your silly drunken stare
I’ll be here come closing time, you know I’m always there
To try and round up all those pieces maybe keep them in one place
Hold you through those nightmares and the changes on your face
But I’m always gone come morning when you’re lying on the mend
‘Cause you’ll be up come sundown to do it all again

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