Netflix & Virgin River!

Hello music friends.

After 20 years, my old purple KP music website finally died this past weekend. I think that's about 100 years old in tech years:) So I just created this new modern website that's full of music videos, archive photos and all nine albums. If you could take a look around that would be great. Let me know if anything looks crazy or broken as my website building skills are pretty limited. 

And for you Netflix streamers, I just got word from Crucial Music in Los Angeles that my song "Milk in Sunshine" is going to be featured on the show Virgin River. I believe season two will air sometime this Summer. 

That's all I got for now. Back to the blank page phase of songwriting. We'll see if I've got anything left in the song tank. 2020 promises big change. A lot of travel coming soon including NYC, St. Barts, Thailand and Las Vegas. Winter is a good time to flee the never ending gray clouds of the Midwest. Try to find your sunshine as we head into the roaring twenties people. 

Cheers! KP

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