TV/Film Credits

Kelly Pardekooper is an American songwriter and singer. An Iowa City native, he currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. He's released 10 albums and toured all over the United States and Europe, showcasing his songs everywhere from SXSW in Austin to the Take Root Festival in Holland.  His songs and voice work in 40+ films and television shows. Kelly Pardekooper writes songs and tries to treat people well!


FILM/TV Credits:

"Draw The Line" - Nicolas Cage film Vengeance: A Love Story

"Draw The Line" - Roswell, New Mexico 

"Tell Me You’re The One" - Sons of Anarchy

"Tell Me You're The One" - Virgin River

"Tell Me You're The One" - When I Was 17 

"Can’t Go There" - True Blood 

"Least I’m Not Alone" - Virgin River 

"Fly On The Wall" - True Blood 

"Milk In Sunshine" - Virgin River 

"Drown in Alcohol" - Blue Bloods 

"Plain Jane" - Virgin River

"Crazy Girl" - Cold Case

"Crazy Girl" - Justified 

"Long White Dress" - Motherland: Fort Salem

"Run Again" - Speechless

"Run Again" - The Hustlers 

"Wild Love" - True Blood

"Wild Love" - Man v. Food Chowdown

"Wild Love" - Flipping Out

"Wild Love" - Table For 12

"Whisker Brain" - Longmire

"Whisker Brain" - Supernatural: The Anime Series 

"Whisker Brain" - Unknown Amazon

"Brand New Bag" - Sex and the USA film

"Brand New Bag" - Party On 

"Quiet Tonight" - April Moon film 

"Yonder" - Chicago Fire

"Yonder" - Longmire

"Yonder" - #BikerLive 

"Not In Iowa" - Justified

"Not In Iowa" - Pretty Wild

"Not In Iowa" - #BikerLive 

"Your Caboose" - Jerseylicious

"Your Caboose" - Amazing Wedding Cakes

"Your Caboose" - Cash & Treasures

"Your Caboose" - MTV Hired

"Silver & Gold" - Longmire

"Silver & Gold" -  Pop Of The Morning 

"Too Late" - Make It Or Break It

"Too Late" -  All My Children

"I Suppose" - Young And The Restless

"I Suppose" - The Hustlers 

"Last Call" - E! News 

"Waterloo" - #BikerLive 

"Just Shoot Me" - My Big Redneck Wedding

"Just Shoot Me" - Amazing Wedding Cakes

"Just Shoot Me" - Outsiders Inn

"Just Shoot Me" - When I  Was 17

"Sometimes" - The Next Great Burger

"Down" - Sundance Channel: Eco-Trip

"Down" - Cash & Treasures

"Drinking Alone Again" - Biography

"Drinking Alone Again" - Electric Barbarellas

"Drinking Alone Again" - The Nerdist

"I Adore" - Dark Side of the 90's

"I Adore" - Pretty Wild

"Hayseed Girl" - Pretty Wild

"Goo" - When I Was 17