Las Vegas

So boss lady and I are moving to Las Vegas, Nevada in November. Crazy time in America to be moving. And as much as I hate the packing and selling house hustle, I do love the desert and she's been offered a rare job opportunity. Her last medical stop I would guess. I've been following her orthopedic career since I left East Nashville to chase after her in 2005. For those who don't know, she's the top of her field in scoliosis surgery. The top of her field on planet earth by any measurement and it's a male dominated field. Young girls adore her and they are the group most affected by scoliosis. I'm a proud hubby and we were probably destined to end up back in the Western time zone.

Musically, it's also worth noting that boss lady's medical training was the reason we ended up in Los Angeles for four years. This eventually led to my music publisher Black Toast Music. Which led to the actual financing of my last five albums. Without Los Angeles, the second half of my album catalog doesn't exist. My pragmatic Iowan nature would never have taken me to Los Angeles and I'm sure I would have dialed music down had I not been motivated by that TV/Film success. Our marriage has really allowed me to focus on the parts of music I love, at my own pace. I still love the writing and recording parts, though I'm definitely slowing down now as I get older. I don't need to perform live for income or ego and that's creative freedom. And I've never felt music owed me a living. I get enough emails and notes to understand that my music has made people happy and improved their lives a bit. What could be better than that? Not much.

What else? I've just deleted my Facebook music page. Had a lot of followers/likes, but I don't really need it anymore and it seemed a good time to remove that clutter. I've had a robust music email list for over 20 years now, so I'll still use that to get out my occasional music news. I haven't forsaken social media completely, I do have an Instagram account that's smaller, private and mostly old friends. You can find me here if you're interested in pics of my garden, travels and slice of life oddities. I do like photos and video.

OK back to packing and house logistics hell. It's gonna be an insane six months. Hoping America survives the next six months too. I'll leave you with some desert music..



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