June 2020 

Chaotic times in America. Been trying to focus on the beauty in my own backyard. In the moment, in the weeds. These flowers below are my latest bloomers. Just got the herbs and veggie seeds planted too. Something comforting about being in the dirt growing things, tending things. I live in downtown Indianapolis and we just had a second night of curfew. Heard the gunshots downtown Saturday night while sitting on the back porch. My privilege made it feel like a million miles away. Zero fear. A lot of folks don’t get to walk around with zero fear in America. I wasn’t raised to be afraid of people based on race. And racism is fear and ignorance at root. I’ve married outside my race and we’re both from Iowa. Yep..Iowa. Pretty sure I’ll never understand that fear and entitlement. Right now circling helicopters in downtown Indy seem ever present in my ears. An odd soundtrack. Haven’t touched my guitar in months. I’m clearly not song inspired by this current chaos and upheaval. Feels like an American reckoning is coming. A reckoning that won't let us ignore the fact that this country was built on the backs of slaves and immigrants and on stolen land to boot (who are the looters?). A white privilege reckoning that's still playing out in our streets today. My heart aches for my friends trying to raise children in this environment. I can't imagine growing up in this crazy mixed up covid world. I’m rambling over coffee now. Guess that’s my Ted Talk:) 

Sending my best out to everyone catching this digital transmission. Be safe. KP