Waking up slow with some coffee this morning in Las Vegas. I want to thank you all for the past couple weeks of love for my new songs. Your kind notes and music sharing have been very much appreciated. Over the past couple weeks, my new songs have started to get radio play all over the world and have been added to some great streaming playlists. I'm grateful people are hearing the new music and I know a lot of you have shared it. And for my radio friends, my last name is not easy for a lot of Americans and I really don't stay in my Americana/Alt-Country genre lane very well these days either..so thank you for your many years of support and airplay! 

One of the really nice surprises with this new release has been how popular my new music videos have been. I used to enjoy playing with video many years ago in college, and for these three new songs, I created these new videos below. These videos have now been viewed over 50K times in just two weeks. Guess people like visuals with their music these days and that's okay by me. My TV/Film music world likes my music with visuals too. Hope you like the new videos and thanks for listening! KP